Junior Divemaster

PADI Junior Divemaster Course


Launched in early 2021 to PADI Approved Youth Training Centres, the Junior Divemaster course fills a gap in children's scuba education between earning their Junior Rescue Diver rating and starting their Divemaster course at the age of 18. The Junior Divemaster course is perfectly placed to provide continuing challenge to divers who have already reached Rescue Diver level.

To begin the Junior Divemaster course, divers need to be aged between 15 and 18, have their Junior Rescue Diver certification and have logged at least 20 open water dives. From this base, we will work alongside each diver to expand their skills and confidence both in the water and around the dive site in general, to a point where they're more confident divers ready to take on additional responsibility when diving.

It's worth exploring the similarities and differences between the Junior Divemaster course and the adult Divemaster course. The Junior version of the course includes the same eLearning dive theory, the same waterskill exercises and the same diver skill workshop assessment that adult Divemaster candidates undertake. Candidates also complete the same Rescue Diver assessment, the same practical application skills, create a dive site emergency assistance plan and complete a final exam (although the Junior exam isn't the same as the adult version).

The main difference between the courses can be seen when comparing the responsibilities of each candidate. Adult Divemaster candidates are expected to work alongside instructors in a supervisory role when teaching students, but this isn't an aim of the Junior course. Instead, after becoming certified as a PADI Junior Divemaster you will be prepared and confident in assisting an instructor in the set up and management of a dive site, be able to demonstrate scuba skills involving two people (such as air sharing or the loose cylinder band exercise) and conduct dive briefings alongside an instructor. You can also conduct environmental presentations, and importantly you will gain valuable experience towards earning a full Divemaster rating upon turning 18.

Once aged 18,  Junior Divemasters can complete the additional requirements needed to become a full PADI Divemaster. If completed within 36 months of your Junior Divemaster programme, you can credit sections of your Junior Divemaster rating towards your Divemaster course. There will also be new content to cover, but your Junior Divemaster rating will give you an excellent basis to build from, as well as a big boost of confidence knowing you're already a Junior Divemaster.

We will be running Junior Divemaster courses on an ongoing basis through 2021 and beyond. If you don't yet meet the certification prerequisites or number of logged dives, we would be very happy to help you first meet these requirements before starting your Junior Divemaster course!