Deco Procedures



The TDI Decompression Procedures Diver course will teach you to safely plan and execute dives to a maximum depth of 45m whilst completing staged decompression with a single stage cylinder.


What Will You Learn?

You will complete 4 open water dives over three days, with at least two of these dives deeper than 30m. During these dives you will work as a team with your fellow student divers and plan your decompression using desktop planning software. There are plenty of in water skills to master, and over the duration of the course we will work together with you to improve your equipment set up and your buoyancy and trim in the water, which will work together to provide you with a much more streamlined profile and greater efficiency. You will become proficient handling a single stage cylinder including staging and retrieving it with no change in your buoyancy.

You will also cover theory behind decompression diving with discussion topics including the mechanics of bubble formation, advantages of hyperoxic mixes for decompression, Nitrogen absorption and elimination and Carbon Dioxide toxicity. To certify as a Decompression Procedures Diver there is a written exam which you will need to complete, along with meeting performance requirements for all in water skills.

The majority of our Decompression Procedures courses are run in combination with other TDI programmes, so please check out our Combined Courses page for more details, along with upcoming course dates.



  • Minimum age 18 
  • Minimum certification of Advanced Open Water Diver, or equivalent
  • Provide proof of 25 logged open water dives


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