Master Seal Team

Speciality scuba lessons for children!

The PADI Master Seal Team Course


The PADI Master Seal Team course is perfect for young divers who are looking to learn more about diving through speciality Aquamissions. These action-packed, pool based AquaMissions include dives such as Wreck, Search & Recovery, Inner Space Specialist and many more. Children who complete 10 speciality Aquamissions after their initial Seal Team training earn their black Master Seal Team certification card!

The Fun Part

Children get to try out exciting new scuba challenges and learn how to use different equipment. Participants can learn how to recover lost items with the use of a lift bag in the Search & Recovery AquaMission, deploy our 'Space Station' during the Inner Space AquaMission and take underwater pictures during the Snapshot AquaMission! These dives, and many more, make the Master Seal Team programme a lot of fun, and make sure your child is full of diving experience before moving into a Junior Open Water Diver course when they're old enough.


What will children learn?

The PADI Master Seal Team course builds on the skills learnt in the Seal Team course, including responsibility and respect for the underwater world, and looking out for themselves and their buddy underwater.

The course includes 10 Speciality AquaMissions, all of which are held in a warm and clear swimming pool. These dives cover more advanced scuba diving skills, and allow children to dive with other children of a similar age and work together to solve problems and have lots of fun. Each session involves an hour for a dive briefing, equipment preparation and time for questions, before we spend an hour in the water with full scuba kit. We finish each lesson with a debriefing followed by logging the dive and awarding Seal Team stickers to complete the log book.

Children who complete 10 Speciality AquaMissions become PADI Master Seal Team Members, earning the black certification card they can show off to their friends!

The Scuba Gear

In addition to the basic scuba gear children learnt to use in the Seal Team programme, they will use specialist kit such as an underwater camera, a lift bags, DSMBs and more. We provide all the scuba kit designed for children, including small cylinders, junior mouthpieces and child sized buoyancy control devices to make sure each dive is as comfortable as possible. All our training equipment is thouroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses for piece of mind. 

The Learning Materials You Need

There is no need to buy any additional course materials, as the Seal Team manual from the inital course also covers all the sections of the Master Seal Team course too. Simply bring your child's Seal Team manual along to each dive, and we will log the AquaMissions as they progress through the course.


Seal Team Dive with Hidden Depths Scuba in Bristol

To join the PADI Master Seal Team course a child needs to:

  • Be 8 years of age or older
  • Have earned thier initial PADI Seal Team rating.

Your Next Adventure 

Upon successful completion of the Master Seal Team course, children can continue to dive with our regular Junior Dive Club, as well as sign up for the Junior PADI Open Water Diver certification (for children aged 10 and above).