19th May 2018 – PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

Usually £175, Spec of the Month price £125!



Nothing improves your underwater experience more than having excellent buoyancy control. The ability to hover motionless can be the hardest skill to master, but with the correct amount of weight and having it positioned around your body in a way that aids your position in the water you can master it!

For this speciality we will spend the whole day working on buoyancy, trim and weighting. All of these three aspects come together to allow you to hover in the water and more gracefully and comfortably. Once a thorough weight check has determined the amount of weight you need we will evaluate your position in the water and adjust the positioning of the weight so it is comfortable and distributed around you to give a flat position in the water. Trim, the angle you swim at in the water, can be greatly improved by moving weight up or down your body as needed, as well as looking at the rest of your equipment and moving this around to make everything accessible but streamlined! You will finish the day with a much better grasp on buoyancy and trim and can head off to practice and develop these skills.






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