Scuba Coaching Days


Who Should Consider Personal Coaching Sessions?

Do you remember every aspect of every dive course you’ve ever taken? Are there certain skills you wish you could do better or with more confidence? Have you seen someone doing things in the water and thought ‘I wish I could do that!’? If any of these statements sound familiar then we feel we can help you to improve your diving.


What Will You Learn?

We are pleased to offer individual or a group coaching sessions, where you will have a PADI instructor dedicated to you, working alongside you on any aspect of diving that you feel needs improvement. All you need to do is explain the issue or problem you are experiencing in or around the water and we will analyse what needs doing and take you into the water to practice and perfect that particular skill or ability. You can work on as many aspects of diving as you wish, however, to get the most out of your session we advise focusing on a few key skills where we can really work with you to improve. 

We will always try to match your issues with the PADI instructor best capable of dealing with that problem so that you can achieve as much as possible during your day. The coaching days are available for any level of diver, from a PADI Open Water diver who has always struggled with mask clearing skills to an aspiring technical diver who really wants to work on their back finning technique!


Ready To Book?

As coaching days are personalised to the diver taking the session, we don't have an online schedule to view. Instead, to discuss how we can work with you to improve your diving and your confidence in the water please send us an email on or call the dive centre on 07766005847. We can discuss all your options, as well as book in a date to suit you.


Full Day Scuba Coaching, One on One Session


Full Day Scuba Coaching, Group Rate

£125 per person