• Peak Performance Buoyancy

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba divers. You’ve seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover almost as if by thought. They more easily observe aquatic life without disturbing their surroundings. You can achieve this too. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course improves the buoyancy skills you learned as a new diver and elevates them to the next level.

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Any diver with a PADI Open Water certification or above can take the PPB course. It’s ideal for those divers who want some extra practice and tutoring to help them master buoyancy control, or who have changed their equipment set up and need some extra help in achieving a good trim position in the water.

What Will You Learn?

Over two dives you will practice buoyancy control including hovering motionless in the water. Not only will we work on your buoyancy itself, but also on your trim, allowing you to move comfortably through the water. Better trim and buoyancy will lead to less effort when diving and therefore lower air consumption and longer dives! Also learn to:

  • Determine the exact weight you need, so you’re not too light or too heavy
  • Trim your weight system and scuba gear so you’re perfectly balanced in the water
  • Streamline to save energy, use air more efficiently and move more smoothly through the water
  • Hover effortlessly in any position

We show you how to use visualisation techniques before your dives, which has a lot of underwater benefits. By stopping and taking the time before a dive to get yourself into the right frame of mind you can help yourself to relax and establish a comfortable breathing pattern, which will, in turn, help your buoyancy.

Where Is The Course Held?

The Peak Performance Buoyancy course can be run at an inland dive site, or in the sea when conditions allow. This is a great course to combine with a shore dive trip such as Swanage, Brixham or Porthkerris, where there is easy access to shallow water for practice.

What Scuba Kit Will You Use?

This course is best taken in your own dive equipment as it allows us to focus on a weight distribution solution that will continue to work for you. It can also be taken in school kit, but your weight positioning may change a little as you build up your own dive kit. We have weight belts, weight harnesses and different size cylinders to practice with too, so you can find the solution that works best for you.


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