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Dry Suit Diver

The PADI Dry Suit Diver course is one of our most popular courses, with many divers choosing dry suit diving as the way to keep warm and comfortable underwater. A dry suit seals you off from the outside water and, with the right thermals, keeps you warm even in surprisingly cold water. Perfect for diving in British waters!

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The Hidden Depths Difference

Every dive instructor at Hidden Depths Scuba School is an active diver in the UK, with hundreds of dry suit dives under their belts. We all use dry suits for our teaching and pleasure dives, and we have taught many people how to safely and comfortably dive in a dry suit. We also offer Otter Watersports dive equipment, which are fantastic British made dry suits and thermals, so we can measure you for your own personally fitted dry suit!

Who Should Take The Course?

The Dry Suit Diver course is perfect for anyone who has earned their Open Water Diver rating (or higher) abroad, and wishes to enjoy some of the incredible dives around the British coastline. We also offer the Dry Suit Diver course alongide our Open Water Diver course, so those learning in the UK can begin their diving journey in a dry suit right from the start.
What Will You Learn?

During one pool orientation dive and two open water training dives, you will learn all you need to know about diving in a dry suit. The dives focus on controlling your buoyancy control in a dry suit, as well as practicing other key skills. You will also learn, with the aid of the course manual and practice with your instructor, how to store and care for a dry suit to keep it in top condition. You will also get introduced to the different types of dry suit, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your own suit.

Where Is The Course Held?

We use Thornbury Leisure Centre for your dry suit orientation dive, which is an excellent facility for confined water training as it includes a 3m deep area perfect for picking up the basics of dry suit diving. The two open water dives are held across one day at a local inland dive site or a shore diving site at the coast.

What Scuba Kit Will You Use?

For the Dry Suit Diver course you will use your regular scuba kit, combined with a dry suit and thermals to keep you dry and warm. This course can be taken in your own suit, but if you don’t yet have your own we have a selection of school dry suits to learn in, along with all the necessary accessories such as thermals, a hood, gloves and an inflator hose.

Your Next Adventure

Scuba diving with a dry suit is useful when diving many types of dive sites. A dry suit is necessary when ice diving and sometimes while altitude diving. Many technical divers wear dry suits on almost every dive due to the length of the time spent underwater. The longer the diver is in the water, the more thermal protection is required. If technical diving is something that interests you, check out our range of technical diver courses!

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