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Deep Diver

PADI’s Deep Diver course is perfect for a diver looking to extend their limits beyond 30m, as this speciality qualifies graduates to dive to 40m. Based in Bristol, we have many dive sites in reach where the Deep Diver qualification can be put to use, including the famous M2 submarine wreck from Portland & the superb Eddystone Lighthouse reef dive from Plymouth! All of these dive sites, and many more around the UK and the world, are opened up to a qualified Deep Diver.

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The Hidden Depths Difference

Many of our dive instructors are trained in technical diving, involving dives deeper than 40m and with specialist deep diving equipment. With this extra experience and confidence from many deeper dives, along with our background teaching divers, we’re perfectly placed to pass on our skills and knowledge in this specialist diving area. We’ve also been diving at famous deep dive locations such as Scapa Flow and Malin Head, so we can discuss what’s needed to dive these awesome places.

Who Should Take This Course?

The Deep Diver course is right for those divers looking to open up additional dive sites, and who wish to increase their confidence underwater. It’s also an excellent step for divers who are interested in technical diving, as you learn more about the requirements for deeper dives. The course is open to divers aged 15 years or older, with the Adventure Diver rating or higher.

What Will You Learn?

Your training starts by reviewing your reasons for deep diving, discussing how important it is to know your personal limits, and planning your deep dives including gas usage. During four deep dives with your instructor, you’ll experience the effects of pressure and compare the difference in time to complete a task on the surface and at depth. You will also record changes in pressure sensitive items and changes in colour, which are highlighted at depth. Finally, you will learn to use a redundant air source and practice carrying out an emergency decompression stop at the end of a dive.

Where Can You Take The Course?

With a great variety of deep dive sites around the UK we can run this course anywhere we have access to deep water. Our favourite options include Portland and Plymouth, with their vast options for deep wreck dives, however we can also run the course from Vobster Quay as well as other coastal sites.

What Scuba Kit Will You Use?

You’ll need a dive computer along with the rest of your core scuba equipment. We will also be using a redundant air supply, and a dive torch and slate are also recommended. If you are unsure if your equipment set up is suitable for deep diving please contact us and we can discuss this with you and make recommendations for you to consider before, during and after the course.

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