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2nd & 3rd June 2018 – PADI Deep Diver

 Usually £225, Spec of the Month price £175!


Have you ever been diving and enviously watched divers descending past you to explore deeper parts of a dive site, whilst you’ve been restricted by a 30m depth limit? Well now is the perfect chance to gradually expand your dive limitations and dive to a maximum depth of 40m. Ideal for exploring those deeper UK wrecks that we have in abundance in the UK or to head deeper along a beautiful coral wall whilst away on holiday, the Deep diver speciality will open up new dives sites to you!

Over two days you will carry out four deep dives, with dives as deep as 40m. Diving to these depths involves a greater degree of dive planning, more equipment requirements and more awareness for dive limitations. Learn to carry out dives of these depths with the confidence that you have planned your dive, understand your limitations and are properly prepared for the dive.






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