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14th & 15th July 2018 – PADI Drift Diver – Swanage

 Usually £175, Spec of the Month price £150!


We will be holding July’s Speciality of the Month from Swanage where there are some excellent drift dives available. After completing a knowledge development session and reviewing knowledge reviews we will head out on one of the Divers Down hard boats to complete four dives over the weekend.

You will learn specific techniques for drift diving including the use of surface marker buoys, methods of communication and navigating – all whilst enjoying the fun of drifting along with the current! Drift diving is a really enjoyable, fun way to dive and this course will teach you how to get the most out of your dives. The course fee includes all course materials and certifications but travel to the coast, gas and boat fees are additional. There will be four boat dives over the weekend for you to learn new skills and practice them on additional drift dives!




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