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Do you want to stay warm and comfortable on a dive?

Unlike a wetsuit, a dry suit seals you off from the outside water and, with the right thermals, keeps you warm even in surprisingly cold water. Perfect for diving in British waters!

Drysuits let you dive more challenging dive sites, and extend your dive season. When you have the right cold water scuba diving attire, you can stand up to the elements and take advantage of the generally better visibility offered by winter months, especially at inland dive sites such as quarries and lakes. As a dry suit diver, you’re equipped to scuba dive some of the world’s incredible dive sites in the world’s cooler regions that are best enjoyed in a dry suit, even in their warmer months.

Who should take the course?

Any diver with a PADI Open Water certification or higher can take the Drysuit Diver Speciality. We also offer packages alongside your Open Water Diver course, so you can begin your diving journey dry and warm.


“Absolutely chuffed with how this weekend has gone, I’m filled with absolute gratitude towards you and Robin for sharing your knowledge with me and giving me such first-class tuition. Thank you so much!” 


Open Water & Dry Suit Diver Student

What will you learn?

Gain the knowledge and skills to safely don, dive with, remove and store a drysuit. Get introduced to the different types of suits so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your own drysuit. Through one confined water familiarisation dive and two dives in open water, you will learn how to control your buoyancy in the drysuit, including work on your trim and propulsion.

Where is the course held?

For your confined water drysuit orientation dive, we will arrange a pool session at either Jubilee pool in Knowle or Thornbury Leisure Centre. When you’re happy with the drysuit we will progress into open water, either at a local inland dive site or a shore diving site at the coast. The two open water dives for the course can be conducted in one day, and this can be arranged mid-week or over a weekend to suit you.

What scuba kit will you use?

For the Drysuit Diver course you will use your regular scuba kit, but combine this with a drysuit and undersuit to keep you dry and warm. This course can be run in your own suit, but if you don’t yet have your own suit we have a selection of school drysuits to learn in, along with all the accessories such as an undersuit, hood, gloves and an inflator hose.

Hidden Depths Scuba School run two weekly pool dives around Bristol, primarily for scuba training, but also open to club members

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Want to Join The dive Club?

How to join

Our dive club membership runs annually and is renewed every January.

To sign up for the dive club all you need to do is submit a Club Membership form along with your club membership fee of £45.

Updates are sent out through email, and you will have access to our members-only Facebook group which is ideal for arranging dives with other club members.