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Tech Weekend Trip

Dartmouth Tech Dive Weekend

Qualification – Tech
Number of Divers – 11

Tech dive trip, with target sites such as the Aldershot (55m), Farn (58m), Medina (60m) and if the weather is excellent then the Murree (45-70m). This will be one dive per day due to the depths involved. Lunch is provided on the boat to enjoy after the diving.

Trimix is available for filling overnight, but OC divers need to discuss gas needs before the trip to ensure there is enough helium in stock and ready for the trip. Accommodation is available locally, with plenty in the area and many more a short drive away in Brixham.

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Oct 10 2020 - Oct 11 2020




Dartmouth Kingswear Marina
Brixham Road, Kingswear, Dartmouth TQ6 0SG

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