Return To The Water

Refresher Dive Sessions

Return To Diving After Lockdown

Are you looking to return to diving after an enforced winter break due to Covid lockdowns? Our dive team are preparing to return to the water as soon as we can to complete our own refresher dives, before we start offering our skills and knowledge to help others with a safe return to the water. 

Our skill refresher dive days will be held at Vobster Quay inland dive site, and are perfect for a diver who needs some practice or guidance, or would simply like to dive with a professional for thier return to the water. See below for a sample schedule, but as these days are personal they can be tailored to each individual diver.

Spaces are limited to 4 participants per day split across multiple dive instructors, and booking is essential. Scuba kit is available to hire for the day, and must be reserved in advance. The fee for each session is £50 including the use of a cylinder & weights. Full scuba kit hire can be provided for an additional £25 per person. Please book your choice of date below.


Sample Schedule

  • 8am - Arrive & Build Kit

With pre-booked dive school slots, we will be separated from other dive groups and will have our own reserved bench space to use. We will begin by building kit, and our team are happy to help with any equipment related questions. If using your own kit it will need to be within service date - if not, we are able to provide hire kit.


  • 9am - Dive Briefing & 1st Dive

Cover dive basics with your instructor, including reviews of any skills, signals or techniques you may want to brush up on. We will then head into the water, starting with a shallow dive and practice core dive skills to ease back into the underwater world. We will wrap up the first dive with a debrief over a warm drink whilst the cylinders are refilled.


  • 11:30am - Dive Briefing & 2nd Dive

As with the first dive, we will cover your requested dive skills and focus on any areas highlighted during dive one that need attention. After the dive we will have time for lunch, along with a debrief of the skills covered. 


  • 1:45pm - Final Debrief & Leave Site

This is another chance to discuss your diving questions with your instructor, and make a personal schedule for your future dives. We have local quarry dives, shore dives and boat trips planned for the year, so find out which are suitable and you're interested in, and sign up for more dive adventures.

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