September 2022

Madagascar Spectacular!

For our latest dive trip we've planned a unique and exciting trip, combining great diving, warm water and eco-tourism too. Come and join us on this amazing trip, and not only will you see spectacular wildlife - both above and below the surface - but you will be able to contribute to research into the populations of visiting humpback whales, whale sharks and resident green & hawksbill sea turtles. Read on to find out more about the trip, and how you can be a part of this incredible experience!

Key Information

Trip Dates - 12th to 28th September 2022

Trip Cost - £2,275, plus flights (£845 at time of writing)

Flights - London Heathrow to Nosy Be, Madagascar with Ethiopian Air

Our trip is split into two main sections - 

Firstly explore the beauty and diversity of Madagascar above the surface with a six day tour of Northern Madagascar.

The second section of the trip is our Humpback Whale, Whale Shark and Sea Turtle observation itinerary, including 12 dives around the Nosy Be island.

Nosy Be is a splendid island located in northwest Madagascar, along the eastern edge of the Mozambique channel. From Nosy Be, you can easily reach other paradisiacal islands, such as Nosy Iranja (considered one of the 10 most beautiful islands on the planet), Nosy Tanikely and Nosy Sakatia.

The warm, crystalline waters that surround this archipelago are rich in marine life, such as a vital and colourful coral reef, reef sharks, leaf fish, clown fish, snappers and more.

As well as having an amazing holiday, there is another purpose to this trip. We will collect data on two species of sea turtles (green and hawksbill), whale sharks and humpback whales! We will be working with Emanuele and Carlotta from Manta Diving as well as university researchers, who will accompany us on this unique adventure.

Meet the Manta Diving Team

Carlotta Barba - Carlotta is a biologist, and during her career, she has been part of oceanographic expeditions for sampling and the analysis of seawater. In addition, she has worked on surface sampling of the seabed from the vessel Universitatis. Furthermore, she assisted marine scientists in the Stazione Zoologica di Napoli as the scientific manager on a sea turtle project before moving to the Seychelles, where she continued her studies and taught classes on Chelonia mydas.In 2011, she moved to Nosy Be, where she became a partner of Manta Diving in 2013. She spent a few months in the Maldives in order to learn how to restore coral reefs, knowledge that she has put to good use by starting the Coral Garden Project in Nosy Be in 2017.

Emanuele Venanzi - Emanuele is a professional PADI instructor, who fell in love with his job 14 years ago. During his work as a dive instructor in Costa Rica, the Red Sea and the Philippines, he has increased his passion for and knowledge of marine biology. In 2011, he arrived in Nosy Be, where he worked as a PADI professional and consequently became the owner of Manta Diving.Upon his arrival in Nosy Be, he immediately understood how important it is to study and protect all the local marine fauna, from tiny nudibranchs to huge whales. For this reason, he started to dive in a sustainable way, giving biology lectures during surface intervals and directly in hotels.

Thanks to several universities and centres focused on shark research, Emanuele and Carlotta have begun to study whale sharks and take a census of the Chelonia mydas population in Nosy Be.

Non-diver? No problem!

This trip is equally suited to non-divers, who can fully partake in all aspects of the trip, excluding the actual diving. You're welcome on the boat when we set off on dive trips, and can join in with all the tours, ecology lectures and data collection too.