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TDI Courses

Technical Diving International was one of the first agencies of its kind. It’s focus was, and still is, on providing training materials and education for specialized diving situations ranging from Nitrox to Closed Circuit Rebreathers, as well as for overhead environments such as caves and wrecks.

TDI Intro to Tech

The TDI Intro to Tech course is designed to introduce the recreational, sport diver to the exciting world of technical diving. Technical diving is a broad term that can cover any diving beyond recreational limits such as depths in excess of 40m, dives into overhead environments or decompression diving.

During the TDI Intro to Tech course you will become familiar with the standardised equipment used when technical diving including a twinset, a wing and harness and regulators with a 2m long primary hose. Not only will you become comfortable assembling and diving with this equipment but you will also be taught the theory behind this equipment configuration and how you can use it to its best.

Over three open water dives we will work together to achieve neutral buoyancy in full technical diving kit. We will also work on your trim position in the water. By achieving a better trim position in the water you will find it much easier to move gracefully through the water, allowing you to work less when swimming and resulting in better air consumption. You will also explore different propulsion techniques such as frog kicks, flutter kicks, helicopter turns and back finning.

By the end of the second day you will have learnt how to effectively manage an out of gas situation whilst using a twinset by air sharing with another diver. You will have also practiced how to open and close the valves on your twinset to allow you to manage equipment related issues that may arise during a dive and become efficient when sending up a delayed surface maker buoy in your team.

This course is ideal for those who have no experience of using a twinset and wish to benefit from the improved buoyancy and trim of a technical diver. It will prepare you to move onto further technical courses if you wish, but even if this is not your ultimate goal you will finish the course a much better diver than when you arrived!

TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver

The TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver course will teach you to safely utilise Nitrox and oxygen mixes from 22% to 100% as a breathing gas. Although not a decompression diving course, it is common to combine the Advanced Nitrox Diver with the TDI Decompression Procedures or Helitrox Diver course which will teach you to utilise the richer Nitrox mixes to accelerate any decompression you may wish to complete.

During the TDI Advanced Nitrox course not only will you become proficient with analysing and marking cylinders containing high percentages of oxygen, but you will also work on your overall diving ability. To be able safely to use the full range of Nitrox mixes available to you after certification as an Advanced Nitrox Diver you will need to ensure that you achieve excellent buoyancy control and the ability to maintain this control even if things are going wrong around you. By working on your buoyancy and trim in full technical diving over the course of 4 dives and 100 minutes bottom time you will finish the course with confidence to maintain safety stops, share gas with another diver and handle failures such as free flowing regulators or leaking hoses.

TDI Decompression Procedures Diver

The TDI Decompression Procedures Diver course will teach you to safely plan and execute dives to a maximum depth of 45m whilst completing staged decompression with a single stage cylinder.

You will complete 4 open water dives over three days, with at least two of these dives deeper than 30m. During these dives you will work as a team with your fellow student divers and plan your decompression using desktop planning software. There are plenty of in water skills to master, and over the duration of the course we will work together with you to improve your equipment set up and your buoyancy and trim in the water, which will work together to provide you with a much more streamlined profile and greater efficiency. You will become proficient handling a single stage cylinder including staging and retrieving it with no change in your buoyancy.

You will also cover theory behind decompression diving with discussion topics including the mechanics of bubble formation, advantages of hyperoxic mixes for decompression, Nitrogen absorption and elimination and Carbon Dioxide toxicity. To certify as a Decompression Procedures Diver there is a written exam which you will need to complete, along with meeting performance requirements for all in water skills.

TDI Helitrox Diver

The TDI Helitrox Diver course is an alternative to the traditional TDI Decompression Procedures course, but can also be taught as an upgrade for divers who have already gained their Decompression Procedures certification. As well as covering all of the in water content and theory of the Decompression Procedures course, students will gain the additional theory and dive planning considerations needed when planning dives using Helium, and conduct at least two dives using Helitrox to a maximum depth of 45m.

There are many benefits to using Helium as a breathing gas, as well as a few additional considerations that need to be taken into account. This course will explain why deep divers use Helium and teach you to plan and execute decompression dives utilising up to 20% Helium in your primary gas mix.

Combined with the TDI Advanced Nitrox course you will use a single stage cylinder of Nitrox to accelerate your decompression.

Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures

Advanced Nitrox & Helitrox Diver

Do you want to complete dives to a maximum depth of 45m and accelerate your decompression? Learn how to maximise your bottom time and minimise the amount of time spent on decompression? If so, then combining Advanced Nitrox course with either the Decompression Procedures or the Helitrox Diver course is the perfect choice. This will give you the training and knowledge to plan and execute accelerated decompression dives and prepare you to move on to further courses such as the TDI Trimix Diver course.

With theory covering aspects of decompression diving and utilising Nitrox mixes up to and including 100% Oxygen you will develop a strong base of knowledge, supplemented by excellent manuals and instructor led discussions. Theory sessions will take part around the dives, or can be completed at our classroom, giving you the most flexibility for your course.

In water skills using a twinset and single stage cylinder include START dive planning, safety drills, buoyancy and trim work, gas shutdown drills, stage handling and gas switches, amongst others.

You will complete a minimum of 6 dives over four days, with at least two dives deeper than 30m. Those divers taking the Helitrox course option will complete at least two dives using a Helitrox mix with up to 20% Helium. Upon successful completion of all in water skills and written exams you will have earned your new qualifications and you will receive two certification cards. These will allow you to purchase Nitrox and Oxygen fills and complete decompression dives based on your experience and gas limitations.

TDI Trimix Diver

As your motivation to explore progresses you will find that you may want to go deeper to dive that wreck that is an interesting part of history or that cave system that you have read so much about. One of the major limiting factors of going deeper is narcosis; TDI’s Trimix Diver course shows you how to minimise the effects of narcosis by adding helium to offset the nitrogen in your breathing gas.

While taking the Trimix Diver course our TDI Instructor Greg will teach you how to plan and execute dives utilising as little as 18 percent oxygen and diving to maximum depth of 60m with a blend of helium appropriate for the planned depth. The Trimix course covers the use of multiple stage cylinders to allow you to optimise your decompression, as well as covering decompression theory and diving physiology.

The course is conducted over four days with two dives in excess of 40m. We can arrange your course to run at the coast, an inland dive site or abroad somewhere warm like Malta. Please get in contact to discuss the best option for you!

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How to join

Our dive club membership runs annually and is renewed every January.

To sign up for the dive club all you need to do is submit a Club Membership form along with your club membership fee of £45.

Updates are sent out through email, and you will have access to our members-only Facebook group which is ideal for arranging dives with other club members.