22nd & 23rd September 2018 – PADI Twinset Diver Speciality

 Usually £175, Spec of the Month price £125


Who should take the course?

Do you plan to enter into technical diving in the future? Do you feel you want to add redundancy to your gas supply? Have you had to end a dive early with plenty of no-stop time remaining, due to being short on gas? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a twin set may be the right choice of kit for you.

What will you learn?

The course begins in the classroom, reviewing why you’ve chosen to dive a twinset, and how to best configure it for you. When the kit has been correctly sized and set up, then it’s time to hit the water and begin with simple buoyancy control and trim. When you’re comfortable hovering in one place we will cover emergency drills such as air sharing with a long hose, and begin to work on effective propulsion techniques to move through the water using the least effort.

Where is the course held?

This course is best run inland where we have easy access to the water, and can simply exit if we need to make any alterations to the kit, and get straight back in again. Vobster Quay is ideal for this, or any other inland dive site to suit you.

What scuba kit will you use?

For the course, we will need a twinset with an isolating manifold to start with. If you have yet to buy your own set and would like to try a few first we have both twin 12lt and twin 7lt cylinders in the school that can be used for the course, along with a harness, backplate and wing. You will also be using a Hogarthian style regulator configuration, with a 2m long primary hose and short back up hose. For effective propulsion, no split fins, please!




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