25th February 2018 – PADI Enriched Air Diver Course

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Have you not discovered the benefits that divers using enriched air (nitrox) have over divers using standard air? Longer no-stop dive times, reduced surface intervals or added conservatism and safety are just some of the benefits!

Whilst the weather is chilly and the water is cold, the Enriched Air Diver speciality is an ideal way to continue your development. The course is based in the classroom and focuses on the theory of Nitrox and how to plan and execute dives using enriched air! You will study the manual and watch the DVD at your own leisure and then we meet in the classroom to go over the knowledge reviews, answer any questions you may have and to sit the final exam. You will have practical applications to complete covering dive planning and gas analysis before earning your Enriched Air Diver certification!






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