21st April 2018 – PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Diver

Usually £175, Spec of the Month price £125


Next up for the Speciality of the Month programme is DSMB Diver. Increase your confidence using marker buoys and practice using different types of both marker and reels. We have a large selection of DSMBs for you to try, from open ended buoys to fully closed DSMBs with low pressure inflators! Work out what you prefer, and progress from group deployment to sending up your marker all on your own.

Knowledge development is delivered through a specially designed power point pretension and after demonstrations with different types of DSMB it will be over to you to practice and perfect your technique! We will complete two open water dives, and practice lots of different deployments to make sure you’re confident with all aspects of DSMB use! This is a vital skill for open water diving in the UK and abroad so make sure you are free to attend!






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